Technology Bootcamp for Archivists

Archivists are familiar with records in paper formats. They know how to survey files, transfer the records to the archives, arrange and describe the collection, how to house and preserve them, and can help patrons access the records.

Many archivists are less comfortable working with digital records. They will still need to do the same tasks – survey, transfer, arrange and describe, house and preserve, and aid patrons. However, the techniques are different. Scanning folder headings to get a sense of a collection doesn’t work when the files are on a hard drive. Bits and bytes can’t be moved from one system to another using a records box. Traditional approaches for arrangement and description may seem obsolete. Acid-free folders and Hollinger boxes won’t protect the data. Patrons often want access over the web.

The Technology Bootcamp is designed for archivists who may use computers on a regular basis at work, but find the underlying technology unfamiliar territory. The bootcamp will give you a new perspective on technology, to give you a basic understanding of what’s going on behind the scenes. It train archivists to be a system administrator or webmaster, but they will be able to talk to technologists with greater fluency. They’ll have a better sense of what they need to know to become more proficient and the confidence to continue to learn on their own.